Where Your Child Becomes Our Child

Our Child partners with parents to empower every child to reach their potential, via personalized, expert ABA therapy in the familiar comfort of your own home.

Care Plan

Every child is unique, and so is their journey to success. At Our Child we celebrate that specialness and craft a customized plan for each child.


Every Our Child therapist is a top clinician who is passionate about bringing out your child’s potential with warmth, respect and collaboration.


A dedicated client advocate is designated for each family. Your advocate is always available for any request, question, or simply support.

Yes, Your Child Can!

At Our Child we are passionate about bringing out your child’s unique strengths. We implement ABA Therapy, the proven modality that enables individuals on the autism spectrum to thrive. Our expert clinicians work alongside you to help your child achieve vital life skills. Together, we celebrate every step along your child’s journey to success.

ABA Therapy is the gold standard for individuals with an ASD diagnosis.

Improve Social Skills

A skilled therapist will work with your child both individually and in a group setting to facilitate development of crucial social skills. By varying the settings between structured and natural environments, we ensure that skills are first learned and then actually implemented.

Enhance Communication Skills

Language and communication skills impact behavior, learning, and socializing. Our therapists focus on both expressive and receptive language skills to help every child communicate functionally and socially.

Reduce Maladaptive Behaviors

Maladaptive behaviors are disruptive, destructive, aggressive, or significantly repetitive actions. These are a common struggle among ASD children, and our expert therapists implement a variety of approaches to significantly reduce these negative behavior patterns.

Establish Life Skills

ABA Therapy helps children manage daily life by teaching them functional skills such as dressing, eating and bathing. Working within the child’s home enables our therapists to both teach and practice these crucial skills in their natural setting.

Natural Environment Teaching

Skills are best mastered within their real life setting. At Our Child we emphasize tangibly practicing skills with each child by bringing them to the appropriate environment, ex. library, grocery store etc.

Discrete Trial Training

Within the actual therapy room our expert therapists work on specific targets one at a time. This clinical setting lends itself to clarity and practice, and is often a vital first step in the acquisition of a new skill.

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Holding your hand, every step of the way.

step of
the way.

Step 1:
Step 1:

Connect with Our Child

Complete an intake form. We will guide you to determine your insurance eligibility.
Step 2:
Step 2:

Receive a designated Client Care Advocate

Your advocate will personally guide you every step of the way.
Step 3:
Step 3:

Schedule a Individualized Assessment

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will assess your child’s strengths and challenges.
Step 4:
Step 4:

Receive Insurance Approval

Our team submits your child’s assessment to your insurance and receives approval for services
Step 5:
Step 5:

Schedule Coordination

Your advocate works together with you to determine a schedule that best fits your life.
Step 6:
Step 6:

Treatment Begins!

A designated team, including a Behavior Therapist and BCBA work with your child to maximize their potential.
Step 7:
Step 7:

Ongoing Support

Access parent trainings, support groups, and your personal advocate to guide you along this journey.

Every Parent Dreams...

We dream of joy and connection and the wonder of watching possibilities unfold.

At Our Child we are determined that an ASD diagnosis should not shatter these dreams. With the right tools and support every child can make their parent’s dreams come true.

Meet Bruce

Bruce is a handsome 6 year old with gorgeous brown eyes. Bruce never spoke - not to his Mom or Dad, not to his neighbors, and not even to his grandmother. After 4 months of ABA, Bruce uttered his first words. Now, Bruce’s family look forward to his consistent greetings. "Hi Mom!"

Meet Alicia

Adorable and energetic, at four years old Alicia stubbornly refused to eat. Her desperate parents tried to bribe, beg, and threaten but nothing had any impact. It’s been 3 months of ABA therapy now, and Alicia has allowed 5 new foods to enter her food repertoire. Her grateful family can once again enjoy their dinner table.

Meet Adriel

Brilliant, creative, and incredibly strong-willed, Adriel was a ten year old loner. Neighbors and classmates invited Adriel to join in their games, but he adamantly rebuffed every single overture. His pained parents turned to ABA therapy, hoping to equip Adriel with the social skills and confidence that he needed. Within 5 months of ABA, Adriel has steadily broadened his social comfort zone, and currently is an active participant in recess activities.

*Our Child values the privacy of our clients and their families. We are HIPAA compliant and would never share personal information. These accounts were not solicited. They are fictitious narratives based on real life experience.